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Our Process

Events Management

We offer customized and appropriate event management services tailored for you

Our great satisfaction comes from the opportunity to offer unique events management ideas that match with the highly specialized skills from event to event.

We provide event management ideas to corporate events, conferences, products launches, concerts, festivals, weddings, private parties and much more.

Filming and Photography

Your Brand or product needs visual aids to engage with the right audience, that’s where we come in.

We do video live feed, event photography and filming.

Sales & Promotions

Stimulate Sales

EME uses sales promotions to stimulate sales through contests, discounts, games, give-aways, point-of-sale displays, special offers and similar activities.


Intelligent Branding & Logistics solutions.

Success doesn’t only come from breakthrough innovation
but from flawless execution, which includes intelligent
Branding & Logistics solutions.

Public Relations

Driving word of relevant mouth by extending your
message to a broader audience.

Equipment Hire

From sound tech to digital lighting, we have a wide array of event equipment to hire.

Everybody wants their Event to be a memorable one which they will remember forever. It is important to see that the occasion has great equipment and well selected music matching the mood. Whether it is Moving heads, LED Par lights, LED moving wash Outdoor LED moving heads, Profile lights, Follow spot etc we have it all. Not to mention:

NEXO Sound System> 12 Tops aside @4400 watts x 2 = 8,800 watts

> 4 Bases aside @4400 watts x 2 = 8,800 watts
Total watts = 17,600 watts
Capacity 38,000 – 40,000 People
TPA Sound System> Amps RAT 22 – 3200 x 2 = 6,400 watts
RAT 42 – 6000 x 3 = 18,000 watts,
RAT 44 – 7200 x 3 = 21,600 watts
Total watts = 46,000 watts
Capacity 18,000 – 20,000 People

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